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Rawstic Handmades

Rawstic Handmades
303-3136 St. Johns street
Port Moody BC
Booth: 1407

Company Description:

We are a female-owned and operated business that began with our love for Ecuadorian culture and artisanal crafts. Cristina is originally from Ecuador and was excited to share the unique and beautiful products made in the traditional Ecuadoran way.

From the very first time Nicole went to Ecuador, it was clear we wanted to share these amazing products beyond Ecuador. We knew we also wanted to empower Ecuadorian artisans by embracing their talent and hard work.
Why Choose our Alpaca Products?

The beauty of our Alpaca wool products will bring distinctive style and fashion to your living spaces. Alpaca fiber is a lustrous and silky soft natural fiber that is especially warm, light, and breathable. A distinct advantage of this wool is that it does not contain lanolin making our products hypo-allergenic and nonitchy to the touch.
Alpaca wool naturally exhibits a soft, glossy shine which makes for elegant products to warm your world. All our products are kind to the body and to the environment creating harmony between us and the planet we call home.

We work directly with artisans and their families and we carefully curate a collection of natural and vibrant colors that are true to Ecuadorian tradition. Our alpaca products are handmade with pride by talented artisans and every moment of the craftsmanship is ethical and environmentally conscientious. The empowerment of the talented artisans is ensured through a fair-trade model.

New Products

Blankets, ponchos, scarves

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