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eQuake Systems Inc.

eQuake Systems Inc.
4405A 75 Ave SE
Calgary AB
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Company Description:

eQuake Systems designs, manufactures and distributes the QuakeTrip earthquake detection and response system. QuakeTrip is an earthquake response system device that automatically shuts down systems and utilities when a strong earthquake is detected. The device contains four 3-axis accelerometers that measure ground motion in three directions. Internal software then compares the ground motion to pre-defined thresholds and if these thresholds are exceeded it proceeds to shut down systems such as elevators, gas, water, electricity, etc.

Severe ground motion that can cause structural damage is only a small fraction of the damage that is associated with earthquake activity. Damage from fire and flooding can be far more costly and dangerous.

QuakeTrip is easy to install and will act as an important first line of defense in your home, school, office, factory or workplace. Unlike Earthquake Early Warning (EEW), QuakeTrip is not just a warning device, QuakeTrip will take action while you are getting to a safe place.

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We now have remote connectivity and surveillance available for a monthly subscription.

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