NEW FOR 2018!

The move in and move out in plan are colour coded based on booth location and times as it has been in the past. New this year is that we are working with the Vancouver Convention Centre and a scheduling program called Voyage Control.

We will be sending you a code for you to schedule your dock time within the three to four hour window we have provided you on the move in/out schedule.  You will be required to enter this code and other information with the link we will provide you after September 27th.  You will be required to check in at the security check point for the docks at the Convention Centre at your requested time.  If you do not sign up for a specific time with Voyage Control, you will not be granted access and will be asked to go through the process before proceeding. 

Depending on the type of vehicle you have for move in/out, you will be allocated a certain amount of time to unload/load.  Please note all of this is for unloading/loading purposes ONLY. You will have until 1 pm on Thursday, October 18th to finish your display before the show starts.

Click here to create your user profile with Voyage Control or Download the App.


All Drivers must check in with the convention centre security gate before gaining access to the loading docks for move in or move out.  At that time they will be asked for a confirmation number/code that they got from Voyage Control when they booked their dock time.  If you did not book a dock time, you will not be given access. 

Loading facilities for the West Building are via the West Truck Route off of Waterfront Road accessible from Cordova Street or the foot of Main Street.
The West Truck Route has two-way access and is 29’6” (9 m) wide with a lane width of 14’9’’ (4.5 m). There is a downward slope moving northbound on the truck route which falls 4’ (1.22 m) over 63’11” (19.5 m). 

Move In Route - VCC


General Move in Hours:
Tuesday, Oct 16
  6:00am - 10:00pm |  No Vehicles after 8pm
Wednesday, Oct 17  8:00am - 10:00pm  |  No Vehicles after 5pm
Thursday, Oct 18  8:00am - Noon |   No Vehice Access At All (SHOW DAY!)

VFHS18 - Move In Schedule (Updated Oct 15)

Depending on the type of vehicle you have for move in, you will be allocated a certain amount of time to unload.  Please note all of this is for unloading purposes ONLY. You will have until 1 pm on Thursday, October 18th to finish your display.

Step 1 - Review the Move In schedule above to ensure you can arrive within the time frame.  If you need to come at a different time of day, please email so she can find an alternative window for you.

Step 2 - Visit the Voyage Control website and or download the app and create your profile and log in.  If you have used the program for another event, you can keep the same log in information. 

Step 3 - A specific code will be emailed to you on September 27th that coincides with the colour of your booth on the move in plan. This link will take you directly to the dock schedule where you can book your arrival/dock time within your move in window.  You must do this in order to gain access to security check in in step 4. 

Step 4 - All drivers must report to the security check in for the loading docks off of Waterfront Rd via West Truck Route and present your confirmation number to gain access to the loading docks. 

Step 5 - Unload your vehicle as quickly as you are able so that we can move your vehicle out of the way to allow others in.  Goodkey Show Services will assist with unloading if a forklift is needed.  

For any special requests or changes/concerns about your move in time, please contact your Sales Representative or Assistant Show Manager, Stephanie Gatzionis.  

Please note waiting times will vary.  


Sunday, Oct 21  6:01pm - 10:00pm
Monday, Oct 22  8:00am - 3:00pm

Dismantling of displays will not begin until 6:01pm on Sunday, Oct 21st. Vehicles will be permitted in the building once aisle carpet has been removed - approximately 1 hour after show closing. 

The same as with move in, all vehicles will be required to book a dock time through Voyage Control and provide a confirmation code to the security check point before gaining access to the venue.  

VFHS 2018-MOVE OUT Schedule (Updated Oct 15)

For more Move out Information, please see our Rules and Regulations #41-42