Sarah's Style Tips

Get inspiration!


1. Never underestimate the impact of blue chip classics in your design plan. My favourite rooms embrace an equal balance of soulful vintage pieces (like the Milo Baughman chairs, Nienkamper cocktail table and marble topped side tables) combined with thoughtfully designed modern elements (like the Ingo Maurer chandelier and Tizio lamps). If you follow the William Morris approach and “have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” you may find a new appreciation for living well with less!


2. Make even the simplest of schemes interesting. I’ve long been a champion of monochromatic palettes and natural materials. While bold colour can be used to make a powerful statement, the combination of layers of pale grey and white (in the patterned tile floor, kitchen cabinetry, backsplash, counters and stools) proves that even the palest of palettes can be used to great effect if you pay attention to the details. 



3. Harness the power of original art.  I think of art as the engine of a room, not simply an afterthought or accessory. A dining room should be a place of celebration, shared experiences and inspiring dialogue, so don’t hesitate to use works of art with fearless colour and bold energy to amp up the wow factor of your entertaining spaces.