Greenstone Structural Solutions

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4000 Richmond Ave. East
Brandon, MB R7A 7P8
Greenstone Structural Solutions manufactures sustainable, long lasting, energy efficient building envelopes for energy efficient homes. With almost four times the energy savings, a Greenstone home is not only efficient, it is easily installed. Greenstone's proprietary Insulated Composite Envelope (ICE) Panel is significantly lighter, stronger and more durable than traditional framing systems, allowing for broad design capabilities and the ability to exceed building and energy code requirements. Centrally located in Brandon, Manitoba, Greenstone manufactures the ICE Panel for structural or envelope walls, floors, ceilings and roof assemblies. Your Greenstone home can be completed with any type of finish available on the market. There are no extra steps required to install drywall, shingles, stucco, brick, siding, etc. To find out how to get your project started, or for more information on the Greenstone Building System, contact us today!