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One Thing Lockets was inspired by a documentary to help fight mental and physical isolation everywhere. We ask people all over the world "What is ONE THING you bring to this world?" and puts their secret answers in lockets for you to find! In this way, each locket we sell comes with a little message from someone else the world, connecting you to them! When you get your locket, your package will also have water resistant blank paper so you can write a message as well. You can write and wear the ONE THING that inspires/empowers/heals you and keep that reminder close in your locket. Or, you can gift a message of empowerment in the locket to help someone else. Each locket comes in a glass test tube, like a message in a bottle! All locket jewelry are made locally in Vancouver and put together from non-allergenic vintage brass and Swarovski crystals. We also use ethical cork instead of leather in our products. Customers have used the lockets both as sentimental gifts (to teachers, bride's maids, female colleagues) and as mental health aids, wearing a message the inspires them to get through difficult times. As a result, we donate 10% of all sales to programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression and to other smaller isolated communities who need our love in Canada and the US. In Canada, we help the Pacific Postpartum Support Society (Burnaby).
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