Enagic Kangen Water

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Technology from Japan, it connects to your sink giving you alkaline antioxidant water that absorbs into your cells and tissues much better than other waters. It gives you 7 different types of waters. 3 drinking waters, water for your medication and baby formula, beauty water that can be used as a toner 100% natural, water to remove all pesticides from your produce, and sanitizer that is also 100% natural no chemicals added it can be used as a mouth wash, teeth whitener or disinfectant. This water is full of antioxidants which no other water is, it is the only device in the world that has a medical certificate approval from the ministry of Japan and the only device that has a gold seal medal from WQA (water quality association).

Water is the source of life, we need to make sure to choose the right water.

Our company motto is change your water change your life. This device is also very environmental friendly, no more plastic bottles and no more harsh chemicals at home, you can go green in your entire home.

We offer a five year warranty on our products.  

Free delivery plus free installation (some restriction apply) up to a $200 value.